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Vision 2020 - Morocco Unveils It's Tourism Plans

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Vision 2020 - Morocco Unveils It's Tourism Plans

10th Assises du Tourisme, Marrakech 30th November 2010.

His Majesty King Mohammed VI presided over the Assises du Tourisme in Marrakech today with an audience of some 3,000 Moroccan and International Tourism professionals. Yassir Znagui Minister of Tourism and Artisans presented Vision 2020 and ten major accords which will finance it were signed.

The Minister of Tourism said that Vision 2010 had provided the solid foundation for future growth and sustainable development and management of the environment. The aim of Vision 2020 is to make Morocco one of the 10 top destinations in the world investing 177 billion dirhams (15.8 billion euros) to double the number of tourists, increase tourism revenue and to create 147,000 new jobs in the sector by 2020.

It calls for doubling the size of the tourism sector and trebling the number of national tourists and 140 billion dirhams in tourism revenue.  The programme calls for increasing tourism revenues from the current 60 billion dirhams (5.4 billion euros) to 150 billion (13.4 billion euros) over the next decade.

The tourism GDP would rise by 2% and the competitiveness of the sector would ensure that the tourism sector would remain an essential contributor to the social and economic development of Morocco.  Tourism is also a formidable instrument for international promotion of a Morocco with a rich patrimony and a welcoming and tolerant people.

Vision 2020 will concentrate on decentralisation and an innovative approach adding value to for niche tourism and different sectors. It will adopt a strategy which is analytical, exhaustive and rigorous. It is inspired by the wish to take a regional structural approach to employment and the competitiveness of Moroccan tourism.

Vision 2020 will concentrate on the development of 8 new tourism locations in the North with Cap Nord on the Mediterranean coast, Central Atlantic, Central Morocco, Marrakech Atlantic, Atlas and the valleys, Sub-Saharan Atlantic and the Grand South Atlantic.  The Plan Azur projects will [also] be completed including Lixus and Plage Blanche in Goummeline. The emphasis will be on quality tourism and staff training.  A further 200,000 beds will be created.

The Vision 2020 strategy aims to construct 200,000 new hotel beds, to double the number of tourists and to triple the number of domestic tourist trips.  The realisation of these objectives will ensure that the tourism sector will be the second highest revenue earner in the Kingdom ensuring 470,000 direct jobs over the period 2011-2020.  Receipts will double to 140 billion dirhams in 2020. Tourism's GDP will increase by 2 % to reach 150 billion dirhams, as against 60 billion today.

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